Vetting is back/ 5 judges and prosecutors face KPA and KPK

The Vetting Committees will begin work on December 2, following a several-day break due to the November 26th earthquake.

Five judges and prosecutors will appear before the Special Appeals Panel and the Independent Qualification Commission this week.

Its official website states that on December 2 at 9:30 am, the case concerning the appeal filed by the re-evaluation entity Entela Prifti against the decision of the Independent Qualification Commission will be tried in the consultation room.

According to the Special Appeals Panel, the hearing in the counseling room will take place at the KPA premises.

Also, the latter announces that on Wednesday, 04.12.2019, 10:00, will be tried in public court the case regarding the appeal filed by the Public Commissioner against the decision of the Independent Qualification Commission that relates to the revaluation subject Arben Dollapaj.

The hearing will also be held by the Independent Qualification Commission, where three judges and prosecutors are expected to appear before the commission this week.

In its announcement, the KPC stated that Ms. Iliriana Olldashi, a judge at the First Instance Court for Serious Crimes, will appear at a hearing tomorrow at 2:30 pm.

Also, on its official website, the Independent Qualification Commission announces that tomorrow at 09:30 tomorrow Mrs. Doloreza Musabelliu, prosecutor at the Serious Crimes Prosecutor’s Office of Tirana, will appear at a hearing.

Meanwhile, according to the KPC announcement, on December 3, at 13:00, Fatri Islamaj, a judge at the Tirana Court of Appeal, will appear in court.