Debate at KPK / Bib Ndreca calls for reopening of investigation on two criteria, the hearing is postponed

Bib Ndreca, judge of the Special Court against Corruption and Organized Crime, came out today to the Independent Qualification Commission to get acquainted with the results of the verification of the legality of the property.

It is learned that at the start of the hearing there was a debate between the judge and the vetting body consisting of Xhensila Pine, Etleda Ciftja and Pamela Qirko.

Bib Ndreca has requested the reopening of the administrative investigation after the commission decided to re-evaluate it only for the property criterion, while the judge requested re-evaluation for the other two criteria for purity of image and professional ability.

He also alleged that he was not allowed time to prepare the defense because the hearing was scheduled very soon after he received the KPK report.

Finally, the hearing was adjourned until March 3.

Judge Bib Ndreca graduated from the Magistrates’ School in 2009 and has been appointed judge in the Tropoja Court. In 2013, Ndreca was appointed President of the Puka Court, while in 2015 he was decreed as a member of the First Instance Court for Serious Crimes.

Ndreca is currently an interim judge at the Special Court against Corruption and Organized Crime. For a permanent appointment, he must successfully undergo the vetting process.