She resigned, KPK terminates the re-evaluation for Shkodra’s prosecutor

The Independent Qualification Commission decided to suspend the re-evaluation of Shkodra’s prosecutor Marjana Shtjefni, who had resigned from the High Prosecution Council in December 2019.

The KPK body, composed of Pamela Qirko, Etleda Çiftja and Lulzim Hamitaj, said that “the will of the subject for resignation” was confirmed.

KPK states that the termination of the re-evaluation process was decided and also the restriction was imposed so as not to allow inclusion in the justice system for 15 years.

“To declare the loss of the right of this subject to be appointed a judge or prosecutor of any level, member of the High Judicial Council or the High Prosecution Council, High Inspector of Justice or General Prosecutor, for a period of 15 -years “, it is said in the decision.