After the November 26th’s earthquake, 1376 shakes have been registered…

Following the November 26 earthquake of magnitude 6.4 on the Richter scale, described as the strongest to hit Albania in the last 40 years, 1376 aftershocks have been recorded. The figure was made public by the Ministry of Defense.

Meanwhile this morning, from 07:00 am today, December 2 to 10:00, there are 5 shakes registered and two are localized.

Albania has endured the most difficult earthquake situation. Seismology experts have said that the most difficult situation has passed and that the earth is now gradually returning to normal.

According to them, the aftershocks of the big earthquake are quite normal.

The November 26 earthquake has caused 51 deaths and over 900 injuries, while hundreds of homes have been out of function or damaged.