Constitutional race, KED publishes the final list of the candidates

The Judicial Appointments Council has today published in the Official Journal the final list of candidates for judge in the Constitutional Court, in the vacancy announced by the President of the Republic on March 4 this year.

The four names are released today and are led by Arta Vorpsia with 89,642 points, followed by Fjona Papajorgji with 88,785 points, followed by Elsa Toska with 85,428 points and finally Marsida Xhaferllari with 82,000 points.

Two days ago there was a clash between the KED and President Ilir Meta, after the president refused to promulgate a second name for a member of the Constitutional Court, and according to him, the chronological order for filling vacancies in the Constitutional Court was not respected, and The KED has made a non-collegial decision.