KPA confirms the exemption from Justice System for Tirana Appeal’s Judge Fatos Qato

The Special Appeals Commission has confirmed the exclusion from the justice system for the Tirana Court of Appeal judge Fatos Qato leaving the decision taken by the Independent Qualification Commission in force.

The Tirana Appeal Judge could not justify the property, a 144 m2 Tirana apartment purchased in 1997 for $ 28,000 and a land in Pogradec.

Thus, Qato is ultimately out of justice after failing to pass the vetting filters.

Full notification:

The Trial Panel of the Special Panel of Appeals, composed of Ina Rama Presiding, Natasha Mulaj rapporteur, Ardian Hajdari, Luan Daci, Rezarta Schuetz members, announced the decision on the case (JR) no.7 / 2019, dated 11.02.2019, on appeal of the reassessment subject Fatos Qato against decision no. 87, dated 17.12.2018 of the Independent Qualification Commission.

At the conclusion of the trial in the deliberation chamber, the Trial Panel, pursuant to Article 66, paragraph 1, letter “a” of Law No. 84/2016, “On the Provisional Reassessment of Judges and Prosecutors in the Republic of Albania”, unanimously, decided :

Leave of Decision no. 87, dated 17.12.2018 of the Independent Qualification Commission, belonging to the subject of reassessment Fatos Qato.

This decision is final, with immediate effect.

It was announced today, in Tirana, on 08.11.2019.