The amount is revealed / Here’s how many millions were found the robbers in Post Office in Kruja  


The Kruja prosecution has managed, within three days, to create strong suspicions for the perpetrators of the robbery of some 130 million leks (old) at the Albanian Post office of the city, an event that happened on Monday this week.

Police have so far arrested 3 people, while others are still wanted.

Confidential sources at the Kruja Prosecutor’s Office told that the arrested persons were found to be about 23 million leks old. While working on arresting other people involved, and trying to find, if they can, the rest of the looted money.

In the early hours of Monday morning around 3pm, several gunmen aboard two vehicles managed to break through the door of the Post Office in Kruja.

The robbers grabbed one of the safes and boarded it in one of the vehicles, having previously “neutralized” the private guard tasked with securing the perimeter of the building.

After the safe was abducted, the robbers has quickly gone. The moment the thieves entered the Post Office’s interior, the private police headquarters that guarded the building were alerted. But, according to preliminary investigative data, despite signaling, the private police did not signal to the State Police.

Also, the private guard in the building did not report the robbery for about 30 minutes. According to him, he was threatened by robbers for not telling and he feared for his life.

Police also seized three machine guns, silencers and a number of ammunition during the operation to apprehend the suspects.