Veliaj’s scandalous tender / This is how he buys anti-Covid equipments from a spectacle company


The Municipality of Tirana, led by Erion Veliaj, is added to the list of state institutions that develop scandalous tenders under the justification of protective measures against Covid-19 pandemic.

The Municipality of Tirana has recently held a tender without a competition, with the initials “negotiated, without prior announcement”, for “Purchase of protective equipment for the staff of the Municipality of Tirana within the protective measures against infection caused by COVID-19”.

The procedure, with a limit fund of 144 million ALL (old) without VAT, about 140 thousand euros together with VAT, was opened on April 29th and was closed only one day later, on April 30th.

In conclusion, the Municipality of Tirana has announced the winner of the tender without competition the company “Mare Services”, located in Vora, Tirana.

The winner, an event company
“” conducted verifications on official documents, regarding the winning company of this tender without competition. The company “Mare Services” was established in April 2016 and has as its object of activity “Organization of events, import – export, promotion, reconstruction, construction of playgrounds, promotional activities, research, various conferences…”.
So, for 4 years, the company turns out to have been engaged, or at least registered, with the object in the field of spectacle and promotion. For 4 years in a row, “Mare Services”, referring to the data of the National Registration Center (NRC) has not had any connection with textile products or equipment that can serve to protect human health.

But in April 2020, “Mare Services” is making a move in its trading activity. It adds a textile production line and immediately wins the tender without competition from the Municipality of Tirana.

Tender, a week after the textile line
On April 22, 2020, just one week before the Municipality of Tirana held the tender without competition, “through negotiation, without prior announcement”, the company “Mare Services” registers on the NRC a change in the object of its activity.


To the main activity, the organization of events, “Mare Service” adds the enterprise in the line of textile production.

The modification of the activity is confirmed in a document, signed by the owner of the company, Ermal Bushi.

With a decision of the sole partner of 1 April 2020, the company “Mare Services” decided to increase its activity with the production line of medical textile materials. Import – export of medical textile materials “.

The Covid-19 pandemic seems to have opened up jobs in the medical textile sector, and Mare Services seems to have decided to invest in it.

And, just a few days after registering the textile production line, comes immediately the first victory of a public tender without competition – the one held by the Municipality of Tirana, led by Erion Veliaj.

It is unclear why the Municipality of Tirana has selected as the winner a company with only 1 week of life in the field of textile production, when itself as a public authority, has provided other conditions for participants.

In the tender documents, in the section “technical capacity”, the Municipality of Tirana requires that the bidders,  private companies, have “supplies similar to the procurement object, performed / realized during the last three years”.

Referring to the official data of the National Registration Center, the company selected as the winner, at least, does not meet the criteria of the time of exercising the activity.

But, beyond all the question marks, Erion Veliaj and his institution have decided to give the tender of approximately 140 thousand euros to the company “Mare Services”.