Should Basha make a new deal with Edi Rama? Here’s how Sali Berisha responds

Former Prime Minister Sali Berisha invited to News 24 has commented on the political situation in the country. Asked by the journalist whether she would advise Lulzim Basha to make a new deal with Edi Rama?

The former head of government said no agreement could be reached with Edi Rama, as he has no political moral, as he uses the agreements at the expense of the political opponent.

‘Going into politics 5 years ago when Ambassador Romana Vlahutin declared that there was no need for an agreement here, I remind her that all the great steps from 1991 to that year were made with great agreements. She expressed the opinion of Edi Rama or certain anti-Albanian goals. However, this was overcome in 2017. There was a deal that Edi Rama used as a true villain without any principles. If you reach an agreement with your opponent you are noble in what the agreement accomplished and do not try as he tried to portray Lulzim Basha as his subordinate. Rama is the only prime minister to try to infer his opposition leader by his invitations. Rama has no political morals. Undoubtedly agreements are major acts in which civilized societies do not give up. But Edi Rama is a bastard who shares the psychology of his ancestors. In this context I personally would not make an agreement with him. Rama is a monster of this country ‘, Berisha declared.