KLP’s decision/ They served to the Renaissance, Arta Marku and Donika Prela are now “rewarded”…

In its meeting today, the KLP decided to transfer the Serious Crimes Prosecutors to the District Prosecution and Appellate Prosecutions.

Thus, with reference to the decisions adopted, Arta Marku will serve as interim prosecutor at the Tirana Prosecutor’s Office from 1 January 2020. While for the remainder of the year (until December 31, 2019) she is a member of the KED.

Whereas, Donika Prela, who headed the Serious Crimes Prosecution, First Instance, will be an interim prosecutor in the First Instance Prosecution in Tirana.

Also, Anton Martin, who is a candidate for SPAK and is awaiting the KPK’s decision to pursue the job, has been temporarily assigned to Tirana, while his appointment is at the Shkodra District Prosecutor’s Office.

Also at today’s meeting of the KLP was approved the draft act of evaluation, in the context of the transitional reassessment for the prosecutor, Pelivan Malaj.