Race for SPAK leader / Who is the second candidate to run for it

Today is the deadline for candidates for the head of the Special Anticorruption Structure (SPAK) to apply.

According to KLP, the second candidate in the running for SPAK is Edvin Kondili, who applied a few minutes ago. Earlier it was Arben Kraja who rejected his candidacy for head of this institution.

Upon the expiry of the deadline for the nomination of candidates, the Supreme Prosecutorial Council will adopt the methodology for determining the winning candidate, who will, as has happened with the Attorney General, be subject to a public hearing where they will present their platform.

The head of the SPAK will elect the head of the National Bureau of Investigation, a structure that will work concurrently with the SPAK.

The Special Anti-Corruption Structure will take office after the election of the mayor, taking around 300 Serious Crimes files.