Two portable earthquake-prone homes / The Doctor joins Alliance for Theater Protection initiative

A doctor has joined the Alliance for the Protection of the Theater initiative to help families affected by the November 26 earthquake that killed 51 people and injured more than 900 people.
As reported by the doctor with the initials L.B. has commissioned two container houses, covering the costs themselves, which will be made available to families affected by the earthquake.

One of the portable houses, the doctor, whose name is not made public at his request, made it available to the Alliance for the Protection of the Theater to divide the field, while the other would lead to a family, which has already been identified in the Kruje.

“I call on the Albanian Government to build such for hundreds of affected families as a temporary measure until the reconstruction of their homes.

Many families are unable to move out of their homes because they have livestock, loot and farm supplies as well as children in schools.

The call goes to the organizations that have raised funds, ”reads an appeal to the institutions.