There is no limit! Here is the document that Arta Marku submitted to KLP

It seems today is a day of miracles … After Arta Vorpsi swore in front of a notary to become a member of the Constitutional Court, another startling story is learned.

A few days before the Supreme Prosecutorial Council drafted the final list of candidates for Prosecutor General, Arta Marku submitted an unusual document.

Mark has individually conducted, by phone, a survey of more than 3,000 people who would have preferred her to be Attorney General.

The poll, a copy of which A2 owns, was designed when lawyer Lulzim Alushaj was still in the race.

Out of 5896 voters, 3157 people expressed their preference for Marku to be Prosecutor General, while 1258 elected Lulzim Alushaj.

Olsian Çelaj, who was first on the list of KLP, received only 917 votes, while Fatjona Memcaj 564.