KLP listed the candidates for Chief Prosecutor / Ibrahim: We hope the Assembly will vote for Olsian Cela

Chairman of the KLP, Gent Ibrahimi, told the media today that he hoped the Assembly would follow the same logic for the election of the new Chief Prosecutor.

The deadline for the Assembly to elect the new Prosecutor General is 30 days from today, while the KLP ranked Olsian Çela, Arta Marku second and Fatjona Memcaj third.

“The evaluation process has been professional and arithmetic. Under these conditions, the law provides that within three days of the date the candidates have a deadline to file a complaint, ”Ibrahim said.
He further added that he sees no reason for the Assembly to be skeptical about the election of the new Chief Prosecutor.

“All three are valid candidates, but it is the Assembly that will decide. We will cooperate with everyone, we appreciate that the Assembly will follow our logic.

It is us who appreciate them professionally, but it is up to the Assembly to choose ”, said Ibrahimi.