Reporting to “KCK”, Prosecutor’s Kole Hysenaj father in-law’s giant business in Fushe Preza (PHOTO)

In the editorial office, there was a denunciation of prosecutor Kole Hysenaj, after news of the latter’s vote and his use by the majority.

Some citizens say that Hysenaj, who despite being on the blacklist of the “CCK”, drafted by Prime Minister Rama himself, not only was not fired but promoted, owns a large building in Fushe-Preza, which has it registered in the name of his father-in-law.

It is about the property you see in the photo, the three-story courtyard building.

The photos were sent to the editorial office, which says that the entire area knows that the building is the Prosecutor’s Kole Hysenaj carrying on shoulder justice for young Denis Almadhi who lost his life in the operation, missing compensation for the employee B. Bozhana from Durres who lost his job in the Korça – Erseka segment.

In the meantime we remind that Article 30 Law no. 84/2016 stipulates that for the transitional reassessment of judges and prosecutors in the Republic of Albania, their property and those related to the subject must be assessed, in this case with Hysenaj.

The building appears to have been registered under the name of Hysenaj’s father-in-law, but is currently being worked on by other persons who have rented it. However, will continue to investigate the matter in order to familiarize you with the relevant documents proving the ownership of this building. has also brought to the attention of the public further denunciations regarding the properties of prosecutor Kole Hysenaj which, thanks to his political persuasion and support of the majority, was not dismissed. One of the cases we can mention is that of his villa in Korça which is worth 500 thousand euros, but which has been treated as a “Cultural Heritage Site”, according to the decision of the Ministry of Culture.