‘I thought it was cultured but it came out …’ / Here’s what Dash Shehi thinks about Edi Rama (VIDEO)

Asked by the moderators of the “New Day” morning show on RTV Time what Dashamir Shehi thinks of some of the politicians, he did not hesitate to give an honest answer.

He said to the head of government Edi Rama that it is a great disappointment.

“I thought, 5-6 years ago, that he was a cultured man, he would be at ease with himself and the state that surrounds him and produce something good for himself and then for Albania, but has done the complete opposite. Jozefina Topalli, has some values, a kind of idealization that may be a bit archaic but politics need her . I would invite her tomorrow. We have not shared the same ideas, but we need her”, Shehi stated in his interview.