The report / Delay of new institutions stalled Justice Reform

The reform that the justice system is undergoing in the country, though it has begun since the adoption of Law 76/2016, 3 years ago, is having difficulty bearing its first fruits.

During this time, a number of setbacks and delays have led to forecasts of what would produce these changes not be met, as documented in a report by the Ministry of Justice. To implement this reform, an Action Plan has been adopted, which, with reference to the Ministry’s report, shows that the objectives so far achieved are low. The delay in setting up some new institutions is the main problem identified in the report.

“Among the most important elements that have contributed to the low implementation of the activities foreseen in this Action Plan are the following: Failure to timely establish new institutions of the justice system, such as the High Justice Inspectorate, Special Anti-Corruption and National Bureau of Investigation. Furthermore, the delayed establishment of the High Judicial Council and the High Prosecutorial Council during December 2018 and the Appointments to Justice Council in January 2019 contributed to the low implementation of the Action Plan activities.

For this reason, as a large part of the activities in this Action Plan have as institutions responsible for their implementation exactly the new bodies of the justice system, their failure to create them in time has affected the low performance of the implementation of the Plan. of action for this period and at the same time low implementation of the objectives set out in this strategy, ”reads the report for the first months of 2019, on the progress of the Justice Reform. Another problem raised in the report is the financial gap, which creates delays in meeting the objectives of new changes in the system.

“It is necessary to prioritize measures and mobilize institutional mechanisms to address the financial gap and find financial resources. Also, the linkage to the MTBP (Medium Term Budget Project) and the forecasting of State Budget financial coverage should be improved. The new Action Plan should address these shortcomings, thus addressing financial reporting, ”the report notes.


Referring to this report for the first months of 2019, it is necessary to revise the strategy on how the objectives of the new changes in justice will be achieved. “This need for review is mainly due to factors such as: failure to timely create new institutions of the justice system such as the High Inspectorate of Justice, SPAK, and the National Bureau of Investigation. Reviewing its implementation activities and / or indicators, in order to ensure better compliance with the achievement of the purpose; changing the institutional responsibility for implementation and / or cooperative institutions, as there are often problems in identifying the institution responsible for carrying out an activity; modifying and / or budgeting where absent, the financial cost of each activity; realizing all involvement of justice system actors in planning activities ”, the ministry urges in the report.


In addition to the problems identified, the report of the Ministry of Justice considers the success of the reform to set up the High Judicial Council and the High Prosecutorial Council during December 2018. magistrates for 2019. / Panorama.