The case “Solomon” / Tirana Prosecution launches investigations for Elisa Spiropali

The Tirana Prosecution has officially launched investigations for State Minister Elisa Spiropali, her husband and her brother as allegedly involved in a money laundering scheme.

Sources from the capital’s prosecution state that prosecutors have taken delivery of the materials published in “”, where it resulted that the company registered by Enkli Spiropali has won several tenders in the Fier Water Supply, run by Salarjon Totaj, a partner and then the spouse of the Ministers of State.

In addition to the investigations published by “”, the Prosecutor’s Office of Tirana has also received information from the General Prosecutor’s Office, declare the same sources.

The Tirana Prosecutor’s Office is the second institution to initiate procedural actions for the ‘Spiropali’ case. Several days ago, the High Inspectorate of Declaration and Audit of Assets and Conflicts of Interest (ILDKPKI) officially announced that it had initiated an administrative investigation into the assets of the State Minister and its family members.

In an official communication with “”, ILDKPKI announced that one day after the publication of the case, the institution has started verification procedures to ascertain possible conflict of interest conditions as well as suspicions for money laundering.

“” published about two weeks ago a profound inquiry into Solomon’s company, created by Enkli Spiropali, the brother of state ministers, in August 2013, at the time the Socialist Party assumed power.

In March 2014, Spiropal’s “Solomon” company won the first tender in Fier Water Supply and Sewerage, run by Salarjon Totaj, his sister partner, today’s ministers, then General Director of Customs.

After winning this tender, worth 6.6 million new lek, Enkli Spiropali sold the company Marjus Memushaj, Salarjon Totaj’s second cousin. Under the ownership of Memushaj, the company “Solomon” also won several other tenders in the Fier Water Supply, which was run by his second pact, Totaj.

By September 2016, when Salarjon Totaj left the Fier Water Supply Company, Solomon won several bids, worth a total of about $ 350,000.

Along with the Water Supply Tender, ‘Solomon’ also received public funds from Fier and Vlora Customs, a subordinate structure of Elisa Spiropali at the time of public procurement procedures.

The data provided by “” creates suspicions that the company “Solomon” has been used as a “cover” for the distribution of public funds between Spiropali-Totaj family members. However, there are investigations by the Prosecution and the HIDAAI that legally state whether there are elements of criminal offenses related to income, wealth and money laundering.