Edi Rama rewards Lefter Koka’s “incinerator man” (DOCUMENT)

By Boldnews.al

Lefter Koka is one of the three opposition MPs who did not join the strong political initiative to hand over the parliamentary mandate.

Koka gave his explanations for this rejection, through a status on social networks, claiming he “refuses LSI to withdraw from Berisha”.

But beyond this political stance, Kaka’s refusal to hand over the mandate is related to the “affair” of the incinerators. He was Minister of Environment at the time when three waste processing incinerators were approved in Fier, Tirana and Elbasan.

Concerning incinerators, which relate to the name of a single man, Klodian Zotos, have been accompanied by strong suspicions of clientelism and corruption. Because of his position, Lefter Koka may be one of the top officials to be found on charges in the event of a criminal investigation into these deals.

An approach to Edi Rama, which in turn controls the investigative system in Albania, may be a little headache for Lefter Kok.

And, on the other hand, Prime Minister Edi Rama is aiming to reward the Head for his exit from the ranks of the opposition.

Resources for “Boldnews.al” stated that Prime Minister Rama is expected to appoint the post of Director General of Water Supply and Sewerage, Alqi Bllakon, one of the closest people to Lefter Koka.

With a young age, around 27, Alqi Bllako was appointed Secretary General of the Ministry of Environment when this institution was headed by Lefter Koka. The name of Bllaca is found in the procedures and payments made for the incinerators.

“Boldnews.al” exclusively publishes a document dated July 2017, where Alqi Bllako, in the capacity of the Secretary General of the Ministry of Environment, requests from the Ministry of Finance additional funds for incinerators in Fier and Elbasan, only a few days before he left the post.

In document no. 5995 Prot, dt. 26.07.2017, Alqi Bllako requests from the Ministry of Finance “Additional funds for the capital expenditure in the budget approved for the Ministry of Environment for 2017 for the liquidation of monthly installments for the projects” Elbasan Incinerator “and” Production Plant of energy from waste, Fier “.

The addition of the required fund, with the signature of Alqi Bllakos, amounted to a total of about 250 million (new).

Four days after signing this letter, Alqi Bllako moves from the Ministry of Environment, thereby escorting Lefter Kok from the position of the Minister of Environment.

On July 31, 2017, Bllako was appointed Secretary General of President Ilir Meta, who had his mandate as Head of the State just 10 days ago.

Alqi Bllako left a few months ago from the position of the Secretary General of the Presidency, as he sought to engage in a foreign private company operating in Albania.

But, apparently, he has failed to accomplish his goal and already expects Edi Rama’s appointment as Director of General Water Supply and Sewerage, while his close relative, Lefter Koka, is guarding the parliamentary mandate.