Prosecutor Anton Martini is back to Vetting. What has the KPK discovered?


The Independent Qualification Commission will hold another hearing with prosecutor Anton Martini on afternoon of this Monday, about two months after deciding to reopen the verification process.

Martini, one of the candidates qualified by the Supreme Prosecutorial Council to be part of the SPAK, faced the findings of the KPK in early December 2019, during its over 1-year reassessment process.

But after the hearing and when the Vetting body was expected to issue a ruling on prosecutor Martini, the Independent Qualification Commission decided to postpone the final hearing indefinitely.

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The KPK notice, dated 11 December 2019 provided no public reasons for the postponement. Now, after more than a month, when a decision is expected for prosecutor Anton Martini, the Vetting Commission announces that it will hold another hearing.

Anton Martin will face Monday afternoon, with the new findings of the Vetting commission, composed by Genta Tafa (Bungo), Etleda Ciftja, Pamela Qirko.

Prosecutor Anton Martini’s first hearing was generally quiet, despite reporting earlier on how he treated a soft loan, obtained as homeless, and used it further on investing in Treasury Bills.