KLGJ to Etilda Gjonaj: Disciplinary proceedings against judges are jurisdiction of ILD

The High Judicial Council (KLGJ), in a statement, clarifies that disciplinary proceedings against judges are the responsibility of the High Justice Inspector.
The KLGJ response came days after Justice Minister Etilda Gjonaj said in a statement to the media that she would address the KLGJ regarding judges who are being released from prison convicted of dangerous criminal offenses.

In relation to the latter, Article 147 / d of the Constitution provides that the High Justice Inspectorate is responsible for verifying complaints, investigating violations and initiating disciplinary proceedings against judges.

So it is not the High Judicial Council, but the High Inspector of Justice, the constitutional body that initiates the process of conducting verification of disciplinary violations and disciplinary proceedings against judges.

The respective powers and responsibilities of the High Judicial Council and the High Inspector of Justice are regulated in more detail in Law no.115 / 2016, “On the Governing Bodies of the Justice System”, reads the KLGJ statement.

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It is further clarified that, referring to the constitutional provisions and those governing the justice system, the High Judicial Council reiterates that it cannot exercise the powers of verifying appeals against the activity of judges as they belong to the High Justice Inspector.

“As a result, all claims filed with the KLGJ by individuals and state institutions alleging disciplinary violations of judges are regularly administered and will be forwarded to the High Justice Inspector immediately upon the establishment of this institution.” , explains KLGJ.