“SPAK cannot afford criminal reports” / Arben Kraja request to KLP: We want more prosecutors

The head of the Special Prosecution, Arben Kraja, recently addressed the Supreme Prosecutorial Council with a letter requesting him to command two other prosecutors for this structure.

According to Kraja, there are a considerable number of reports in the SPAK that cannot be handled by the 10 prosecutors available to the Special Prosecution, Oranews reports.

Despite the arrival of this writing in the KLP, the latter has held two plenary sessions, but has not included them in any of the agenda items. The reasons why the KLP did not consider this request of Kraja are not known.

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A few weeks ago, the KLP commanded two prosecutors Vladimir Mara and Dritan Prençi at SPAK, at Kraj’s request, bringing the number of prosecutors to 10 to this structure.