DOCUMENT / Appointments to the Constitutional Court, KED overthrows Dvorani

The annual report of the Justice Appointments Council has rejected the claims of the leader of this institution, Ardian Dvorani, regarding the appointment of members of the Constitutional Court.

The annual report of the KED, which is submitted to the Assembly, reflects the activity of this institution regarding the selection of candidates for the Constitutional Court, where it recognizes the decree of President Ilir Meta for Besnik Muçi.

Meanwhile, Dvorani illegally claims that he was entitled to personally nominate Arta Vorps.

The report clearly reflects the position of the KED, as an institution, in accordance with the law and the President’s request.

In this way the KED itself overthrows Dvoran’s manipulation with his own declaration of Arta Vorpsi as a member of the Constitutional Court.

The report clearly states that the KED has not taken any decision on Arta Vorpsi but recognizes the President’s decision. While Dovran appears to have given himself the right to nominate members of the Constitutional Court, an act not provided for in the Constitution or any law.