PHOTO / KLGJ’s member declares her wealth, makes public bank accounts and properties…

The KLGJ’s member, Fatmira Luli, has declared the property where it is noted that she is a co-owner of two apartments and has disclosed the status of several bank accounts of her family members.

Tirana apartment of 105.1 m2, registered in Tirana ZRPP 93 m2 was purchased in 2003 and is worth 48 346 Dollars.

The other apartment is registered in ZRPP Tirana, worth 4203 ALL, with a surface of 55.9 m2 and has been privatized with state ownership.

The KLGJ member has declared several bank accounts in the amount of 1 900 Euro, 1 000 ALL and her spouse with source of income, 1 650 729 ALL.

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Her son Klevis Luli has a savings account of $ 8 799.98, another bank account sourced from employment income at Arcadia Solutions Llc, Usa, with a balance of $ 3 130.96.

The other son, Ermal Luli, has a current employment source account with American Tower Corporation, Boston, Usa at $ 768.21, according to the publication, reports

Fatmira Luli declares 3 cars, 2 owned by her son and one owned by her husband. It is a Mercedes Benz vehicle owned by her husband, Kujtim Luli, worth 600,000 ALL.

Klevis Luli owns a 350,000 Lek Volkswagen Passat car and a $ 28 441 BMW 335i xDrive Couper car.