“Expectations for SPAK are high, they want their time” / Leader of KLP: BKH needs at least 6 months

Expectations against SPAK are high, but the results will not be close.

In an interview for A2, the head of the Supreme Prosecutorial Council, Gent Ibrahimi, points out that it will take at least 6 months to set up the National Bureau of Investigation, the nucleus of the Special Prosecutor’s Office that will fight organized crime and corruption among officials high.

“SPAK has become a symbol of expectation, of our society’s hope of a new beginning. In these conditions, I think SPAK is our opportunity for a fresh start. I did not want the weight of responsibility, which rightly bears on them, to weigh so much as to break this young creature from the first days.

There is no doubt that SPAK will take its time to deliver results, from the factors and conditions underlying a successful organization are already in place, but there are still others in the process.

The process for BKH will take 6 months, maybe even longer. But SPAK is there and the results will not be delayed, despite wanting their time. We must deal with difficulties in the same spirit we left behind. The successes of 2019 will be a cornerstone of those of 2020. I am convinced of this, ”Ibrahim told A2.