Bujar Sheshi doesn’t want to hear about the Files Authority  

By Boldnews.al

The member of the Supreme Prosecutorial Council, Bujar Sheshi, strongly disagrees with the documents drafted by the institution to mention the Files Authority.

Sheshi has had a legal confrontation with the institution run by Gentiana Sula, after the Files Authority found that the prosecutor’s name resulted in the files of the former State Security. The Dossier Authority’s decision, published exclusively by Boldnews.al in January 2019, put Prosecutor and KLP member Bujar Sheshi in a very difficult position.

He appealed the decision of the File Authority to the Administrative Court, which ruled in his favor. But this clash seems not to have been forgotten by Bujar Sheshi.

At a meeting of the Supreme Prosecutorial Council on December 26, 2019, President Gent Ibrahimi prepared a draft media statement in defense of criticism and public attacks on two SPAK prosecutors, namely leaders Arben Kraja and member Altin Dumani.

In that draft statement, it was mentioned that the attacks against Kraja and Dumani were unfounded and that they were assigned duties in accordance with the law after passing through the filings of the Vetting, the Files Authority and the High Prosecutorial Council.

Member Bujar Sheshi, after stating his position in favor of a public stance, expressed the view that the text of the statement should be reduced. “As for the text, I do not agree with it being expanded. There is no need to mention institution names. It is enough to stand with Vetting and the Supreme Prosecutorial Council ”, said Sheshi, indirectly expressing his disagreement to mention in the statement the name of the File’s Authority Institution.